Vedubox e-learning systems, powered by Zoom video conference, enables any institution, company or person to establish online education and online training systems on the internet with their own identity.


A practical cloud e-learning system application specifically designed for universities, schools, training organizations, companies and non-profit organizations.


This online testing system is the best quiz and exam creator, allowing an unlimited number of questions with the question bank for tests and exams.


A specialy designed and practical cloud e-learning system application for instructors and tutors.

simple, basic and flexible…

It provides best learning solutions

Virtual Classroom

Live lesson, Web conferencing services, Digital Course,Video Course Library, Whiteboard, screen sharing, recording, chat.

Video Library

Upload and stream recorded lesson videos or any supplementary videos.

Digital Course Library

Upload any Scorm and Tin-Can supported contents with any attachments from file or internet.

Quizzes and Exams

Create unlimited number questions with question bank, quizzes/tests and exams.

Why Vedubox?

Our customers are most important to us. We never stop working for you and listen to your suggestions. We do everything possible to make your business easier.

Cloud Service

The Vedubox platform is provided via the cloud to reduce the cost of servers, internet connection, management, redundancy and security for our customers.

Integrated Platform

Communication, e-learning technologies & tools are all integrated into the Vedubox platform.

e-Learning Technologies

The platform includes the best e-Learning technologies and cloud services, allowing you to use risk-free and continuously evolving technologies.


Integrated communication and e-learning system (LMS)

Determine your system’s features!
Determine the number of registred users and the features you want, your logo, your web address (domain/subdomain) and then let us provide your system immediately.
Our system is scalable according to your needs.

Make your definitions!
Make your definitions for courses, catalogs, trainers/teachers, etc. .
Your data is stored in a secure area completely as private to you.

Get Started!
Start using the system quickly and easily with your users.

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