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Vedubox Tutoring System

The Online Tutoring system has been developed specifically for coaching and consulting services.

Today when online education has become widespread with the development of technology, leaving behind the traditional one-to-one tutoring, the Tutoring System has been developed in which instructors can teach through the internet.

How does it work?

In this platform, which serves as a social network between educators and students, an online class can be created in 1 minute, and all instructors who want to meet their students without space, time, distance constraints can use the Tutoring System on the web and mobile devices.

Easy Management

The instructor acts as the platform manager and can upload the course content to the platform as he/she wishes and give access to as many participants as he/she wants. He/she can report his/her income on a daily or monthly basis.

Rich Digital Material Content

With this system, the instructor can upload all kinds of training material (document, video, interactive video, scorm, embed code, link, etc.) to the system, create the questions in the question pool, prepare tests from these questions, and test students. Instructors may make restrictions by presenting the prepared educational materials in a certain order.

Online Live Training

The system also offers interactive live classes and meeting in HD quality. During the live class, the instructor is able to interactively interact with the student by writing everything related to the topic he or she wants thanks to a virtual board. Also, the instructor can share his screen and files (pdf, word, etc.) with the student during the live class and the class can be recorded if desired.

Key Features

Many educators who provide training to a large number of students through video classes on different social media channels will have many advantages when they choose the Tutoring System. First of all, the Tutoring System is a learning-oriented platform and does not have distractions like other social media channels.

The student can take the course by logging into the system with their user name and password. The trainer can package the topics in specific catalogs. For example, packages such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and psychology can put up for sale, and instructors can make money through the Tutoring System. Training can be sold without the need for any other e-commerce system.

The Tutoring System is integrated into online payment systems such as Iyzico and PayPal. When educators who have a list of followers on different platforms direct their followers to the Tutoring System, the educator can give their lessons to their students in a system of their own. At the end of the courses, the instructors can submit an online certificate as a certificate of achievement for the participants / students.

Try Now!

You can visit our website www.onlinetutoringsystem.com for detailed information and to create your virtual classroom.

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