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VeduBox Web / Video Conference

Our system is a professional solution that allows you to make video conferencing / web conferencing through the internet. You can make your meetings and conferences through the internet 24/7.

You can use our Video Conferencing System with plug and play USB Logitech Camera, Media Microphone and Speaker sets. You can obtain Logitech products from our company.

What are the advantages?

  • Easy to use, fast and fun
  • Meet with your team 24/7 in the meeting room you set up
  • You can have interactive classes with your students in virtual classrooms.
  • Communicate with clear picture and sound without bandwidth problems
  • Sharing and presenting the desired files (Microsoft Office, video, multimedia files, etc.) in the meeting room
  • Dynamic and easy to learn, no training required
  • Easy to use with user-friendly interface…

Key Features

Audio and Video (Video) Meeting

Versatile live video and audio communication using your webcam or microphone.

Common Whiteboard

You can write on a blank board, or work on a presentation or picture like a board.


Keep your audience interested with instant polls and get the poll results instantly.

Screen sharing

Share your whole screen or just one part of it when you need it.

Presentation Sharing

You can upload files such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Adobe PDF files, all kinds of images (jpg, png, gif), video (flv) and animation files (swf) to the system, and share for download by participants if you like.

Recorded Video Broadcast

You can publish all kinds of videos.

Recorded Video Broadcast

You can publish all kinds of videos.

Instant Chat (Chat)

Participants can write instant messages and respond to each other.

Taking Notes

You can easily take note of important details about the meeting / course.

Language Support

You can use the system in English and other languages ​​besides Turkish.


You can record your meeting / course and share it with the participants.

Participant registration

Users can register online for Webinar / Seminar activities by entering the information you want in your system.

Reminder e-mail sending

It is automatically sent to all participants by the system if requested.

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